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Retirement Planning Strategies

Can you answer these questions about your retirement?

At what age can I retire?

How much can I spend during retirement?

Will I run out of money?

How much can I leave my children?

When should I begin collecting Social Security?

At Williams Wealth Management, we take a unique approach to answering these questions for our clients everyday.

A successful retirement plan requires the review of your unique financial attributes while considering your desired retirement lifestyle and goals:

  • Social Security
  • Medicare
  • Cash Flows
  • Investment Income
  • IRA Conversions and Rollovers
  • 401(k)’s
  • Distributions
  • Social Security
  • Pensions
  • Stock Options

Details Matter

We will work with you to make financial decisions based on exhaustive analytics and a truly customized plan. Those decisions are driven by our unique process.

We begin our process by creating income strategies for your review. These models consider all factors that are essential to a sound retirement plan including current assets, savings, projected investment earnings with inflation expectations, and multiple sources of retirement income. Once those factors are accounted for, cash flow is projected throughout retirement.

Through comprehensive cash flow analysis and directed use of Monte Carlo Simulation technology, we can structure your distributions in retirement carefully to maximize your income and determine the probability that you will reach your desired retirement lifestyle. These tools also help us to reduce your taxes and minimize various types of risk you may face before and during retirement.

Estate Planning

It is important to develop an estate plan as part of your overall financial plan. In order to begin estate planning, it is crucial to take that first step – speak with your family and loved ones about your future. Wills, trusts, and power of attorney are all vital components in the creation of an estate plan as well as preparations for inter-generational wealth transfers. We understand that your life and legacy are of the highest priority when planning for the future. We can help guide you in the following areas:

  • Creating a Legacy
  • Gifting
  • Estate Tax Reduction
  • Wills & Trusts  
  • Charitable Giving
  • Inter-generational Wealth Transfers